Real Bride: Tamara

We wanted it to be more of a party then a “wedding” so we had a super cool celebrant and a short and sweet ceremony, a rocking local band, great food and plenty of drinks, we tried to keep it as much like our personalities as possible.

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BridesAmber LaddComment
Real Debutante: Bonnie

I wanted to make my debut because it’s a common traditional practice that is within my community that has ran for many years and I wanted to become apart of that long running tradition. Plus, who would give up the perfect opportunity to all glammed up?!

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Real Bride: Jessica

I tried to prepare myself as best I could, researching online on what to do and what not to do when it comes to picking out a dress, But nothing can really prepare you for that moment you step into the whitest item you've ever worn in your life!

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