Real Debutante: Bonnie

Debutante: Bonnie   |   Partner: Maximus

Why did you want to make your debut?

I wanted to make my debut because it’s a common traditional practice that is within my community that has ran for many years and I wanted to become apart of that long running tradition.

Plus, who would give up the perfect opportunity to all glammed up?!

How did you choose your partner?

Quite the interesting story this one, after asking numerous of guys around town, all of them passing up the option because they weren’t interested in the whole deb deal. I was rather upset and began to start giving up the dream of doing a deb. Then my best friend while we were waiting for a train to Melbourne that was 2 hours late, offered to be my deb partner (I originally didn’t ask him because it involved him having to travel and hour every time for training and I didn’t want to put that stress on him). I was over the moon, I even began crying with happiness and immediately said yes.

He was the best deb partner ever, and I’m very grateful for all the troubles he has gone through to make my night the best night.

Did your ball have a theme?

Yes! Our ball was a masquerade ball with black and gold colour

How did you find the experience of shopping for a debutante gown?

Phenomenal! I absolutely loved the experience.

What did you love about your debutante gown?

I loved everything about my debutante gown. From the moment I first saw I new it was going to be my debutante gown. The sheer back, the asymmetrical neckline, the leaf pattern, the adorable jewels and the perfect flow and fit of the dress, it was beautiful.

Any words of wisdom for future debutantes?

Pick your best guy friend to be your partner, you most certainly won’t regret it and you will have the best night of your life (and it makes training much more enjoyable).

The night goes by so fast, make the most of it and enjoy yourself

Don’t stress because you will look gorgeous x


Make up: Nilda O’halloran (Makeup by Nilda)
Hair: Narelle Mccurdy (Narelle Mccurdy Hairstylist)
Photography: Kaitlin Teasdale (Kaitlin Jane Photography)