Designer: Tania Olsen

Why did you become a  bridal gown designer?

The realisation that I could make my own doll's clothes as a child was a lightning bolt moment for me! A few pieces of discarded fabric could be woven into something special with just a needle and thread. As I grew older, the world and possibilities for design expanded and I found myself drawn to the beauty and elegance of bridal gowns. 


How did you become a designer?

Even though I was making clothes for friends and family throughout school, it still didn’t occur to me to pursue a career in fashion. Eventually, after trying my hand in a few other vocations, I decided to truly follow my passion and study design. I think a stint in hospitality may have been the final push I needed to really take the plunge!

After graduation I found a niche in the Brisbane bridal and evening wear market and have never looked back.


How long have you been a designer?

Professionally for 20 years.


Tell us your 3 favourite things about your job?

1. Creating something tangible from ideas in my head is incredibly rewarding
2. Travel
3. Constant evolution of the craft - being inspired by something I love


Tell us what inspires you to design your gowns:

Nature - I draw inspiration from the colour of skylines or buildings, the things I see on my morning walks. 


Do you have a favourite design?

That would be like choosing between your children! From the current collection I’d have to say the ‘Dakota’ gown. I love the option of colour in a wedding dress and the versatility of a full or fitted gown - when you detach the full tulle skirt the gown takes on an entirely different look. 


Any words of wisdom for our beautiful brides when choosing their perfect gown?

Research – be inspired! But most importantly choose a design that is suited to your silhouette more than what might necessarily be on trend at the moment.