Copy of Real Debutante: Ellie

Debutante: Ellie  |   Partner: Charlie

Why did you want to make your debut?

I have seen my other two sisters do their deb and I wanted to do it also

How did you choose your partner?

Charlie has been a friend for a long time and I thought he would be a great partner. 

Did your ball have a theme?

Yes it did. It was called the Ritz

How did you find the experience of shopping for a debutante gown?

I absolutely loved it. There are a lot of beautiful gowns out there. Bron and Nat were fantastic. 

What did you love about your debutante gown?

I loved everything about it, especially the sheer bodice and lace, the fit and also the buttons down the back. 

Any words of wisdom for future debutantes?

Just do it..It is awesome. Go and see Bron at Bendigo Bridal Collections as its an amazing experience. 


Photographer: Andy Banks Photography 

Hairdresser: Claire.. from Honeyeater 

Make up artist : Alex from Honeyeater 

Flowers that were given to me : Vogue Nature