Real Debutante: Abrianna

Debutante: Abrianna   |   Partner: Noah

Why did you want to make your debut?

I think its a great opportunity for any girl to take part in. It’s an amazing chance to dress up and feel amazing.

How did you choose your partner?

I had been friends with my partner all through my time at high school, and I couldn’t see myself doing it with anyone else.

Did your ball have a theme?

No, it didn’t

How did you find the experience of shopping for a debutante gown?

I loved it! It was so fun trying on all different dresses.

What did you love about your debutante gown?

How sparkly it was, and that it was different to what anybody else had on the night.

Any words of wisdom for future debutantes?

Definitely don’t stress, just relax and take everything in, time certainly flies on the night.

Photography: Andy Banks Photography