Real Bride: Laura

Bride: Laura   |   Groom: Malcolm


How did you meet your husband?

Mal and I are high school sweethearts you could say. Mal moved to the town in Year 8 and our relationship has grown since then.

How did your partner propose to you?

Mal had planned a date day for us, little did I know what was coming. He had completely schemed going to the botanical gardens in the CBD where he proposed on a bridge in the fern garden. He had also set up one of my housemates at the time to photograph the whole experience and to top it all off he booked us a table at Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant. 

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

This is a difficult one! I think simply being able to celebrate such a key part of our life and journey with some of our closest friends and family. Although by the end of the day you’re totally wrecked it was well worth it. 

Did you have a theme or concept for your wedding day? What was your inspiration?

We wanted it to be a celebration where people would intermingle as we have two very different family backgrounds. Although we had your typical sit down meal we ensured people sat near people they saw regularly so they’d physically move around our venue. Our theme was “recycled” I guess, everything we’d decorated our day with was second hand, hard rubbish or made from things we’d found. Which also helped our budget! We spent very little on our decorations


How did you find the experience of shopping for a wedding gown?

I own maybe 5 dresses so this was one of the more nervous things I had to do. I’d brought along just my mum, two sister and my sister in-law. It was important that we had fun and I was as open minded as possible. The first and last bridal shop was where my favourite dresses where. However the service and the range that Bendigo Bridal Collection provided was so helpful. The team very much listen to your opinions. I am not at good at making decisions. So the girls at Bendigo Bridal suggested I think about it for the next few hours before making a decision, because I loved both dresses but one was me and the other was something I’d never wear. I ended up going with the dress which was more me! I never regretted my decision

What did you love about your wedding gown?

I particularly loved the lace detail in the train, which was very grand for me. But there was also a sneaky split down the side of the dress which I think gave me the feeling of a little bit of edge, while still being classy 

Any words of wisdom for future brides?

When picking your dress have fun be open and willing to try on anything. I went in saying I didn’t want a ball gown dress and I nearly ended up choosing a ball gown dress. Try on maybe something you perceive as “not your style or you’d never consider wearing.” Because you never know once you step into the dress you may love it. Also trust the dress fitters they know what they are doing. When they free hand cut the bottom of the dress, don’t worry about it they have been in the business for years

Venue- Waratah Weddings and The Boardwalk Bendigo and

Catering & cake- Country Cakes Bendigo

Photographer- Run Wild Photography – Drew and Maddy

Flowers- Put together by my wonderful bridal party and sister Jodi

Celebrant- Stephen Field

Suits- Tarocash Bendigo

Hair and Makeup-  Hair Styles By J

Make up By Beautybyevelauder