Designer: Peter Trends


Why did you become a bridal gown designer?

My sister and I are second generation designers in our company. Our mother Elvie, is very creative and she started a business in millinery and then bridal accessories when we were just babies. When we were in high school we opened a boutique and began designing and selling wedding gowns and it grew from there. Now we are sending our gowns around Australia, to the USA and the UK.


How did you become a designer?

By growing up in the industry and dealing with brides every day, we quickly became experienced at helping clients find the perfect gown. We understand what suits most body shapes and understand an individual’s aesthetic while having a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.


How long have you been a designer?

Our first collection was in the early 90’s.


Tell us your 3 favourite things about your job.

1. Meeting our clients and their families and being a part of their celebration of love.
2. Creating a gown that surpasses our client’s expectations and making her feel special, beautiful and
3. Working with our retail partners and sharing their experiences.


Tell us what inspires you to design your gowns.

We have taken inspiration from women and fashion from today and the past; Modern women of this century and romantic inspiration from history. Our gowns can be ethereal ultra-feminine designs with a nod to yesteryear, but having said that, today the Peter Trends bride is a strong, free-spirited unique female in a league of her own; she appreciates romance and fashion but can effortlessly capture a sense of timeless beauty.


Do you have a favourite design?

With every collection we have a few favourites but it’s difficult to chose just one from so many. They are like children, it’s hard to single out just one.


Any words of wisdom for our beautiful brides when choosing their perfect gown?

Today’s bride doesn’t want fuss and drama; she wants simplicity, ease and cool factor. Our brides want to wear their gown effortlessly all day and enjoy her surroundings at the same time. She wants to feel fabulous and be the best version of herself.